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Schmidt's: Food & Beverage FAQs

We are pleased to announce that Schmidt’s Expo Inc. will be the new food and beverage provider at the Ohio Expo Center effective January 1, 2024. We are excited to welcome Schmidt’s, a local Ohio company established in 1886, to the grounds at the start of the new year.
For a variety of questions and answers, contact information for Schmidt’s, and more information, please read below or view the PDF to the right.

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When will Schmidt's take over?

Schmidt’s Expo Inc. will begin servicing events at the Ohio Expo Center on January 1, 2024. Events held at the Ohio Expo Center in December will continue to be serviced by Concessions by Cox, although Schmidt’s will begin proactive work with the first events of the year that occur in January.

Will my pricing change?

The pricing may or may not vary from previous years with the former food and beverage provider, but Schmidt’s will work with all event holders to include transparent pricing and sample menus.

Where can I find sample menus?

Sample menus specific to the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair are in development. In the interim, a few sample menus can be found on the catering portion of Schmidt’s website.

What types of food will be offered at the concession stand during my event?

Traditional favorites, such as sausage and cream puffs, will be available as well as classic concessions stand fare (chicken tenders, fries, soft pretzels, popcorn, nachos, etc.) Schmidt's will work with event holders to ensure that appropriate offerings are available for every event.

Who will I be working with?

When your email is sent to expocenter@schmidthaus.com, it will route through Carla Epler, Chief Operations Officer for Schmidt's.

Can I bring my own food or work with a third-party food provider?

In most cases, no, this is not possible without special permissions or payment of a caterer’s fee. On-site food delivery, such as third-party catering, pizza, Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc., is prohibited.

What type of beer or wine will be available at my event?

Schmidt’s will hold the liquor license for the facility. The team of professionals is certified and trained in both ServSafe and Alcohol Server Knowledge (ASK) to ensure that alcohol is safely sold during your event if you so choose. The Schmidt’s team can help build a beer or wine menu for your event. They traditionally work with multiple distributors to sell canned beer/sparkling beverages, wine by the glass, and select liquor/mixed drinks. If you are interested in specific beer or wine, such as those made in Ohio, for your event, please let Schmidt’s know so they can build your custom beer and wine menu.

Can't you just do the same thing that my event did last year?

While Schmidt’s is working closely with Concessions by Cox, historical records may or may not be readily available for your event. It is best to plan to share all necessary historical details with Schmidt’s when preparing for your event – such as whether concessions should be open during set-up or tear-down of your event, hours concessions should be open during the event, and any menu preferences you have from previous years.

How can I suggest a company to be used as a third-party subcontractor during my event?

We understand that for some events, particularly large events, you may have specific third-party subcontractors, such as food trucks, who may be appropriate for your audience. Schmidt’s welcomes these suggestions and can review the health and safety protocols, menus, and more for recommended partners. If you have a suggestion, please let Schmidt’s know by contacting expocenter@schmidthaus.com.

What information should I provide to Schmidt's to be plan for my event?

Schmidt’s is excited to serve as the official food and beverage provider for your event, and the more information you can provide, the better. Some information to plan to provide includes:

  • Event dates
  • Event type
  • Hours, as well as food and beverage needs during those hours
  • Whether food and beverage is requested during event set-up or tear-down
  • Expected attendance
  • Information about your attendees so a menu can be planned
  • Your goals
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